Provocative Lab is a photography website that strives to capture and showcase beautiful imagery.
The goal is to provide tasteful yet slightly sensual images that are enduring. I love going a tad beyond the normal portrait type images and provide some color to make them stand out among the overly saturated pool of portrait photography that’s out there. This site has three sections of images; 1) Conservative – where the models are fully clothed, 2) Liberal – where the models may be partially clothed and 3) Open-Minded – where the photos can range anywhere from nude, fetish, sexy duos etc, all the things the “Conservative” types would disapprove of and never be caught dead doing. This 3rd section may not be updated very often due to the fact Ottawa is fairly conservative and finding the right types of models can be very difficult. However, I will try to find those special models out there, the ones that do not care what others think and do what they wanna do.